Reporting Issues

Sharing Feedback and Reporting Issues to JetForcer

In this section, you learn how to send feedback and report problems to JetForcer team.

Report Issues

The most suitable way to submit technical issue is to open an task on our bug tracking system.

Do the following:

  1. Open the JetForcer tracking system at
  2. Optional: If you are not yet registered, do it. Registration is necessary for receiving email notifications about changing state, adding new comment or any other update on your issue.

3. Click Create issue.

4. Describe your issue and provide a brief summary of it in the Description and Summary fields.

5. If necessary, attach a screenshot or gif animation that illustrates your issue.

6. If necessary, attach an idea.log for details.

7. Click Create issue when ready.

Locating idea.log

idea.log file is a basic log file in all JetBrains IDEs. It contains information that can be useful for solving issues (stack traces, errors, warnings etc).

On the main menu, choose:

  • Help | Show Log in Explorer (Windows and Linux)
  • Help | Show Log in Finder (macOS)

The Explorer/Finder opens, with the log file selected.

Send Feedback

If for some reasons the steps from above is not suitable for you, please feel free to email us: